Tuesday, October 17

We had to take our clothes off, to have a good time.

Gah! me and not remembering to update this thing. I'm sorry peoples. I've been hella busy. That and me and myspace have been becoming close. lol. Oh, and sydney's a queer.
yup yup . =]
this is the end of my update.
when i have something good to put here i'll put it.

If your love grows.
Let me know.
We are here.
We are young.

Like the waters meet the seas.
Slow it down.
Listen to the sounds of the winds.
Blowing in the trees.

Love doesn't last that long.
Forever is up tomorrow.
Give me your hand.
And we'll make up an eternity.
And forever that's where we'll be.
We'll live it up whlie we can.
Young, wild, and free.

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