Tuesday, June 6


Suffering: Everyone suffers from these thing
Birth- When we are born, we cry.
Sickness- When we are sick, we are miserable.
Old age- When old, we will have ache and pains and find it hard to get around.
Death- None of us wants to die. We feel deep sorrow when someone dies.

Other things we suffer from are:
Being with those we dislike,
Being apart from those we love,
Not getting what we want,
All kinds of problems and disappointments that are unavoidable.

Today's lesson from Budha. =] I fuckin' heart that religion. Never changing the one I have though. And that's no religion.

You’ve seen us on the streets. I rode the bike right next to you in the gym today. I’m that guy you cut in front of in traffic. I held the door open for your wife and kids going into the market too.

Who are we? We’re Satanists.

Black cloaks and pentacles, that’s us too. Hollywood fears us and right wing fundamentalists hate us. Legend has us murdering and having sadistic and depraved ceremonies all in the name of Satan. When you speak the word Satanist, do you believe these sources? Fear and hate us if you will, but read the truth.

Hollywood will titillate. Christian Fundies will tell shocking and vicious lies.

Pssst… Here is the funny part… We even believe in Satan!

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