Wednesday, June 7

Notice me...

[x] for once notice me smiling [x]
[x] notice me checking you out when you walk [x]
[x] nocite me looking at you while you talk [x]
[x] notice that my smile is gone [x]
[x] that these tears have shown [x]
[x] notice me for once [x]
[x] show me that you care [x]
[x] notice me as i stare [x]
[x] notice that i've changed [x]
[x] i knew it took a while [x]
[x] but just notice that its there [x]
[x] show me hope when its all lost [x]
[x] notice everything i got [x]
[x] notice me for once [x]
[x] notice me smiling [x]
[x] right before im dying [x]
[x] notice me staring at you [x]
[x] notice me telling you that i love you [x]
[x] I'm not asking too much [x]
[x] just notice me [x]
[x] for once [x]

[0] Smoked a Cigarette:

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