Sunday, May 28


So, in six days it's Emo Girl's birthday. That means, one dozen strippers, five dozen rubber duckies, a tub full of rubber guns, some new razor blades, a new hair piece that covers the other eye, and a brandon to fuck. So late last night she was caught shopping at wal-mart. Sneaking behind the bra section she was caught giving a towel rack a blow job. Surprisingly enough, the guards came, literally. They rushed over to find her laying on the floor with about a half gallon of white paint all over her face, or so they thought. She started running toward the door, cigarette in hand, and hopped in her car. She still is at large at this time. If you see her anywhere please contact your local autorities. She could be carrying a gang of rubber duckies. She's highly dangerous and should be handle with caution.

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