Saturday, April 22

We Smoked Cigarettes and Stared At The Moon

Ever want the days to go past faster. To stop slowling down, and just keep speeding up. Do you ever miss the days left behind, the ones full of memories and good times? Seems I can't remember the good times. Like everything is a little out of focus. I feel sometimes that i can rise above it. Seems it's just a dream though.

This is me dying in your eyes. This image of me, being who i am, is fading before your very eyes. Slipping away before yourself. Everything about me is fading away. From my smile, to the way i smell. It's drifting away and soon I'll be but a memory.

Everything is meant to change. Looks change. People change. Sometimes is changing really for the good? In a way, thinking back at everything I've ever done, changing seems to have been the best part of my life. It happens to be the only real memory I ever have owned. The changing of myself, into a better person. It's happened so recently, so quickly. I never would have caught on to myself changing if it wasn't for the beauty of where i live, and the walks i take over the rocks

Writing this all down, you would think would help me, right? Actually it doesn't. In a way it makes things worse for myself. Thinking about this while writing it brings it all back. Soon it's the only thing that surrounds my mind. I'm done pouring this all out on here. It's been enough said so far. So, I'm ending it here.

Waiting is the hardest part.

Someones going to tell you lies, and cut you down a size.

Remember, good love is hard to find. You got lucky, when i found you.

[1] Smoked a Cigarette:

Blogger Shandi Kincaid said...

Right now I need you so bad, like you have no idea. I miss you like crazy n I'm about to go insane. I feel like I'm losing you.. n I just wanna cry until I know that we are okay. I'm sorry I feel like I'm losing you n I'll explain why I feel this way later when I can actually talk to you. But I love you okay n always remember that. I'm going to bed. I love you hun. Night.. hope your sleeping well...

8:56:00 PM  

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